The first solution, to solving the problem of the last mile.

The first solution to solving the problem of the last mile.

Natural fibre composite bodywork

 Using the latest in natural flax fibre composites, our bodywork is durable, lightweight and automotive standard quality.

Pandemic friendly

 With considered hygienic 

materials selection, replaceable touch points and remotely opening cargo space doors, eav is ready for the current and post pandemic preventative measures.

Efficient energy 

 With up to 60 miles of optional range to specify, we also offer a Solar panel roof which can offer up to 40% additional range.

Ultra low maintenance

 Our Cloudframe chassis is designed with the minimum of moving parts, ease of maintenance and robust simplicity so our customers continue moving.


Positively shifting transport culture

Efficient mobility

EAV is defined by efficiency, with optimum delivery journeys via access to cycle infrastructure, car free zones and via pedestrian zones.

by design

The very fabric of EAV vehicles are sustainable by design: made from natural fibre composite materials, and by recycled plastics and metals.

the ebike

EAV vehicles are designed down from a van, not up from a bike: a fundamental innovation in eCargo bike design.


Simplifed, efficient vehicle design from the ground up


We are helping to solve the problem of moving goods and people around the urban environment, in a world where there’s a heightened sense of awareness  about climate change, air quality and health.

our development

EAV is building new ecargo vehicles for new use cases and new urban environments, via EAV’s unique ultra efficient, lightweight, multi-modular solutions.

our future

EAV is on a mission to be a key market player with eCargo bikes and Urban Lightweight Commercial Vehicles taking their place as the optimum efficiency mode of transport, in most use cases, in towns and cities, worldwide.


Establish your business transport vision 

Rethinking the eCargo bike for re-imagined cities.

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