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The EAV 2Cubed is our best selling eCargo vehicle. Using our highly stable platform chassis with Cloudframe technology, this low maintenance, ultra-durable, sustainably produced last mile delivery vehicle is the ideal partner to your fleet mix today!

Bridging the gap between the traditional cargo bike and the van, EAV culminates all the comfort and user appeal needed along with the increased efficiencies, true zero emission credentials, health and well-being positives and of course, future proofing your fleet for our accelerated city centre mobility plans.

Remotely opening cargo doors, adjustable height shelving, high level automotive spec rear lights including side, brake and indicators, we even include a spare wheel!

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EAV 2Cubed  

Fixed cargo box specs:

• Volume - 2.0m³

• Depth - 1.3m 

• Width - 1.0m

• Height - 1.5m

Cargo box options:

  1. Single door

  2. Double barn door

  3. Roller shutter