Subscription based platform

Service simplified, one monthly fee for the entire vehicles needs leaving you to focus on your business and core skills.

Comprehensive package

Our fleet 100 package can include everything from the vehicle, its insurance, maintenance, service, even the operator and branded clothing...

Connected, optimised data

 Utilising our connected vehicle platform we are able to build valuable data with you to optimise your service and increase everyday efficiencies

Service and Maintenance included

 Not only do we include our 5 star warranty, we are also able to provide preventative maintenance through our eav health monitoring system and fix problems before they effect your operation.

Our Customers

Join our Fleet 100 package by adding 100 EAVs to your fleet. As part of our fleet 100 package we also offer finance, service and maintenance, as well as specifically developed cycling logistics clothing produced from recycled ocean waste plastics. Developed to offer the perfect blend of sports active wear and logistics durability and brand identity. 

Restoring the Natural Environment - EAV and Merchant Tailor!

Through our more sustainable recycling and manufacturing processes, of using more textile waste as a raw material resource, by diverting it from landfill and ocean dumping, combined with the recycling of plastic waste, produces low measurable environmental impacts. In addition, by being less dependent on virgin materials, using less water and chemicals, and by reducing our CO2 emissions and energy usage, goes some way with our mission to restore a healthy natural balance.  


By producing more environmentally friendly fabrics and products, that can be used for all areas of your accessory and apparel collections, will give your customers the knowledge that they are choosing an option that  supports the mission to help protect and restore our planet....

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