Our EAV Platform forms the chassis of entire EAV range due to its simple and versatile design becoming a perfect addition to your fleet due to its adaptable nature. The EAV Platform has an onboard removable battery system for quick , “infrastructure free” recharging, by battery swapping and offers a whole range of design possibilities to suit your working requirements in every type of scenario. 

EAV Platform

Vehicle Dimensions:

• Length - 2.740m

• Width  - 1.040m

• Height - 1.950m

• Dry Weight - 125kg

• Max Rider weight - 100kg

• Max Payload - 150kg

• Max Gross weight - 380kg

• Turning Circle - 4.6m

• Assisted speed - 15mph

• Range - Battery size dependent, from 18 miles – 60 miles range at full assistance, constant top speed.  

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