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Healthy living and lifestyle

 Given the evolving times we live in, a healthy working environment has never been more important. What better office to have than an EAV!

Work Happy

Recent surveys suggest 75% of cyclists noticed an improvement in their mental health since getting on the saddle, with 8% even saying it helped with their depression or anxiety. ‘Healthy body, healthy mind’

Environmental impact and CO2 offset

 Be part of an immediate and sustainable way to combat CO2 emissions.

Make a difference

Happy drivers are productive drivers, being the face of a brand and interacting with the receiver has to be a positive experience for all.

Ready to make a real change?

E aims to create and inspire cultural change in urban mobility. We’ve created a whole new category of emissions-free vehicle: Electric Assisted Vehicle's - "EAV", providing drivers with a more enjoyable, healthy and inspiring experience.

Are you interested in part-time or full-time opportunities as an EAV rider? Let us connect you with companies purchasing EAV's in your area so that we can connect you with the right person.

Please contact us to discuss further! We look forward to hearing from you.

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"Putting the happiness back in delivery!"

Using our Automotive technical experience and engineering