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 The EAV RoRo (roll on / roll off) is the most versatile eCargo vehicle on the market today. Opening the way to develop legacy logistics models and bring them into the new era of postal and parcel delivery. 

EAV's RoRo EuroPod will become part of the final mile hardware from final sorting station within the outer city depot. This will enable a more optimised packing procedure and less requirement on inner city real-estate, operating from reactive mobile depots in the form of alternative fuel HGV's.

EAV's EuroPod's are 1.2m³ in volume and can be customised with tailored shelving, temperature controlled compartments and GPS tracking. 

The EAV RoRo is the future of your new logistics fleet, to discuss your requirements further please get in touch by clicking the Order Now button!

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3 cups


3 cups


1 cup


1½ cups



EAV pod specs:

• Volume - 1.2m³

• Depth - 1.2m

• Width - 0.8m

• Height - 1.2m

EAV pod options:

  1. Single door

  2. Double barn door

  3. Roller shutter